Our Capabilities

MMIC Design & Characterisation

We hold over 20 years experience in MMIC design and measurement at a frequency up to 220 GHz.

Whether it is for on-wafer measurements to enable transistor characterisation or for complete broadband amplifier design, we offer consultancy design to help you to meet your requirements.

Microwave inspection

Microwave energy scanned across a dielectric object such as a plastic, rubber or ceramic component; This allows for a volumetric image to be made.

Target inspections include wind turbine blades, HDPE & GFRP composites.

wind turbine, wind power, wind energy

Probe Design

To facilitate accurate microwave inspection or material measurement, we have developed a range of microwave probes.

Our current range operates in the bands from 6 – 40 GHz, but we can also tailor make a probe for a particular application.